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About us: At Sky2tours, we’re like a fast, shiny speedboat in a sea of slow, rusty freighters.

We run circles around our competitors by providing personalized service, an easy-to-use booking engine… and some of the lowest fares you’ll find anywhere.

The problem with the GIANT online travel agencies is that they’re slow, inflexible, and impersonal.

But, as a smaller agency, we can give you the kind of personalized service that our competitors simply can’t match.

Plus… you’ll get expert travel advice and super-low fares (without the bait. At the MEGA agencies, you’re just a number. But, because we’re a bit smaller than some of those other online travel portals — to us, you’re a BIG customer! So we’ll do our very best to treat you right. We want to make you happy. That’s because we know if we provide you with a great experience — you’ll come back again. So we try very hard to provide the best customer service possible.

Think The GIANTS Are Better?

Let’s Compare…

At Sky2tours, you get personal service. At the MEGA agencies, you get huge call centers and scripted answers.

At Sky2tours.com, there is no waiting on hold. All customer service inquiries are handled via our highly efficient e-mail-based Support System. At the GIANT agencies, you can end up in a “calling queue” while you wait… and wait.

At Sky2tours.com, you’ll get a prompt response from a REAL person. You’re liable to get an automated response from a “bot at HUGE agencies.”

And… at Sky2tours.com, you’ll get excellent service without catches, & gotchas. At the BIG agencies, you’re likely to run into tricky policies and ridiculous rules that will leave you frustrated.

Why is that true? Because… We Do Things Differently …

We have years of travel agency experience.

And because of our vast experience. WE KNOW HOW TO FIND CHEAP RATES!

As a result.

We built our own powerful ” booking engine.” Our system makes it fast and easy to find the LOWEST FARES and book your flight, hotels, tours, cars, taxi, trains, bikes and much more. No other travel site is as INNOVATIVE as Sky2Tours.

Furthermore, we don’t just ” search” flights like our competitors. Instead, we COMPARE multiple airlines to achieve better connection times, lower fares, and give you more choices.

With our efficient customer support system, if you have a question or problem or need expert advice — we’re here to help you!

All our replies come from real EXPERT travel agents. When you contact us, you’ll get a HELPFUL REPLY and get it fast. (Usually within 30 mins to 1hr max during the business week.)

To us, you’re a valued customer — NOT a number.

Our agents are multi-lingual. When you call other agencies, you may find that they don’t speak your language, causing language barriers.

About Us
The Perfect Travel Place For You & Your Family

24/7 round a clock customer service for smooth and authentic experience. We work hard to make vacation, honeymoon, solo trip, group trip or gateway memorable so you can count on us while you enjoy yourself with your family or your loved ones.








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